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Multiply® Technical Specifications

Download Material Safety Data Sheets:

Grade: Exterior – 3-Ply Poplar hardwood
Dimension: 4′ x 4′ or 4’x8′ panels
Core: Puncture-resistant core
  • 1/ 4″ for vinyl, wood, carpet, engineered laminates
  • 3/8″ for application when a subfloor build-up is required
  • Face veneer is a full .080 to allow for thorough sanding without revealing glue line.
Material: Non-staining veneer and phenol adhesive
Surface Treatment: Underlayment precision sanded both surfaces. Industrial sheathing panels excepted.
Moisture Content: 6% oven-dried at mill
Stain Resistance: Non-staining veneers and ink are compatible with all vinyl floor coverings
Density: 30.9 lb./cu. ft.
Modulus of Elasticity:
  • Perpendicular: 0.110 PSI*10^6
  • Parallel: 1.1319 PSI*10^6
Internal Bond: 369.0 PSI
Janka Ball Hardness: 669 lbs.
Thickness Swell
24-Hour Soak:
  • Edge Swell: 6.5%
  • Center Swell: 6.2%
Linear Expansion:
  • Perpendicular % Change:
    0.1064 @ 50% – 90% Relative Humidity
  • Parallel % Change:
    0.1095 @ 50% – 90% Relative Humidity
Codes & Standards: Meets or exceeds CSA 0153-1976
* ASTM D1037

Lifetime Warranty

The warranty applies to the original buyer of Multiply underlayment the manufacturer warrants the product when handled and installed according to written instructions. Multiply will not split, crack. warp, buckle and will not discolor the flooring for the warranty period of the floor following the date of installation. The manufacturer will at its option refund the full purchase price of the flooring, adhesive, and underlayment or cover the reasonable costs of the underlayment, flooring materials and labor necessary to repair or replace the flooring.